• CBD Pet Tincutre
    CBD Pet Tincutre
    CBD Pet Tincutre

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    We Heart CBD

    Pet Tincture


    With 125mg of CBD extract in every serving, our flavored tincture provides fast-acting relief that pets love.

    • Vegan & non-GMO
    • USA-grown
    • 3rd party tested
    My Pet Tincture was created for pets. Easy to apply under the tongue, you won’t have to worry about hiding pills in the pet food. Use CBD extract for your pet day or night. Tested to ensure there are no contaminants, you can medicate your furry friends worry free.





    We Heart CBD Pet Tincture We Heart CBD Pet Tincture


    Jorge Williams

    February 07, 2019

    I love helping my pupper feel better! She’s really like a new dog with this stuff, it really works! She even likes the taste so it’s super easy to give to her. She’s not as hyperactive, but seems happy and peaceful.

    Jade Rodriguez

    December 11, 2018

    Peaches has been showing her age... our sweet 12 year old girl has been through sin conditions to pancreatitis… and more. Most recently we discovered via ultrasound that her gallbladder was acting up an making basically everything uncomfortable for her. Started giving We Heart CBD, and even at a very low dose we noticed that she was sleeping deeply… a good sign! She seems comfortable and happy and I’m so glad to have discovered your product. Thank you!

    Liam Cox

    December 07, 2018

    We introduced our dog to CBD about 6 months ago. Within days we noticed a difference in his breathing, he is able to sleep through the night needing another dose around morning. We noticed an increase in his appetite too, he is hungry again. Good product.

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